The Ideal Niche: finding humanity’s equilibrium

  • The Ideal Niche is the optimal configuration of all aspects of our world.

To manage a future where technological advancement gives humanity more power than ever before, we need a concept to understand what is best for people in this new world.

For that purpose we can use the concept of The Ideal Niche.

The Ideal Niche is the ideal configuration of all aspects of our world.

Once we accept the reality of the big niche, it follows that for each possibility in the universe there is an ideal configuration for humanity. What is ideal for people consists of what is possible in the big niche in relation to human nature. 

In other words, the limited possibilities of the universe, in interaction with human nature, leads to a specific configuration of the world and society that provides the highest possible peak of human benefit. We are evolved creatures, and our evolved nature affects our values, desires, meaning, and necessities for contentment and happiness. So, our nature is the prism by which we can view all possibilities in order to determine the set point of what is ideal for humanity in totality.

If we can view the big niche as a permanent structure or map, then we can also view the ideal niche as a permanent structure or map that is derived from the realities of the big niche.

Physical Matter & Laws of Universe –> The Big Niche –> The Ideal Niche

The ideal niche is useful for discovering the best configuration for human benefit for each person, in each niche, and in society as a whole. There is an ideal in social life, work, laws, values, leisure, etc. It is the equilibrium of most benefit and good. Surpassing the limits of the language niche in the creation of a more accurate and complex system of truth will be necessary for this goal.

Humanity will have difficult challenges ahead, but if we discover what is ideal for people then we can create a future better than ever before.



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